strategies used by position Academy teachers

Strategies used by Position Academy Teachers

Best Strategies of Teaching in Elementary Education

Teaching may be one of the most rewarding professions, but it can also be one of the most challenging. When you’re a teacher, there are always new challenges to face and new ideas to implement in your classroom. Teaching elementary education is no exception.

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Teaching children in elementary-age is an art. It requires patience, creativity, and a keen understanding of how to manage the energy levels of little learners. Teaching these children is different than teaching adults. Here are some strategies that have helped me become an excellent teacher for this age group.

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Set high expectations

Many of the problems encountered in the classroom are due to a lack of expectations. High expectations for the student and high expectations for the teacher are an excellent ways to increase student achievement. If your students know that they can succeed, they will. In elementary education, there are many learning goals to help students succeed. A few examples include measuring word fluency, solving math problems, and comprehending a variety of subjects. It’s important that students are held accountable for meeting their learning goals.

What Else Can Be Done to Help Students Succeed?

Create learning challenges

Challenges are an effective way to improve learning in the classroom. Each day, challenge your students with new and interesting tasks.

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Give students choices

Some of the best lessons can be taught through the use of ‘choice’ for students. Children like to be able to choose how they will perform a task, and when you’re using choices in your lessons, you’re giving them the power to shape their own learning. Giving students choice in how they participate in learning is important. At the same time, make sure that you set up realistic choices for them, and then help them to take on the challenges of choosing the right option for their learning.

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Sets of choices

Empower students to help to decide how they want to perform a task. This will allow them to be a key component of the learning experience and will give them a sense of pride and responsibility.

Provide feedback

If you’re a student and you hear your teacher say, “I need more feedback from you on your research project,” it probably won’t motivate you very much. However, if you know that your teacher is expecting you to continue working on your research project, you’ll be motivated to put in the extra effort. Similarly, if you have a teacher that asks for feedback on your grammar explanations, spelling tests, or other aspects of your lessons, you’ll know that he or she wants you to be successful. This extra motivation will help you remember that your teacher has your best interests at heart.

Enhancing Your Child’s Personal Development

Use interactive lessons

Of course, not all lessons have to be dull and boring. Sometimes, it’s important to break up the monotony of the routine classroom lessons by introducing an element of fun or play.

Use STEM to teach

STEM-based methods are always a great way to teach elementary students. However, these methods are only effective if you’re using them to effectively teach basic skills. STEM-based methods include science and math as well as areas like technology, art, social studies, language arts, and physical education.

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You should still use the same procedures for teaching these subjects, such as daily classroom lessons, completing lesson plans, giving teachers feedback, assessing and evaluating student work, and following up with students. However, using these methods to teach some of the basics of these subjects can greatly improve your students’ skills.

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Use technology to teach

When I first started teaching, technology was practically non-existent in the classroom. Everything was done through the use of chalkboards and posters, and there was no use for computers or tablets. Fortunately, technology has progressed exponentially in recent years, allowing us to expand our learning opportunities in the classroom.

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Incorporating technology into the classroom is just one way to help engage your students. Take this opportunity to incorporate technology into the learning experience of your students and use lessons in the classroom to assess their engagement. After all, technology isn’t just about uploading a video to YouTube; it can also be used to engage your students in fun learning activities.

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All of your lessons should be review-oriented

The best way to teach children is to teach with their knowledge and expertise in mind. Instead of trying to be something you’re not, keep a positive attitude and practice making suggestions for learning. Learning isn’t about being perfect. Instead, it’s about experimenting with ideas, seeing what works, and repeating the techniques that work. By teaching with a child-centered mindset, you’ll reach higher levels of student achievement.

“Children are constantly learning; we just need to have the proper techniques to help them learn.”

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The lesson plan will shape your future

The lesson plan is what turns what is known as a ‘one-on-one’ relationship into a ‘teacher-student’ relationship.

Be creative

Before you can teach, you need to know your subject. That way, when it comes time to teach, you won’t be too stumped on what to do. You’ll also be able to keep your students engaged when you’re doing other classroom activities, such as recess or lunch.

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One of the best ways to do this is to have a variety of activities you can do during the course of the day. These activities don’t have to be any different from what you do in a different subject area, but they do need to be different. This will keep your students interested and engaged in the classroom, as well as provide them with new ideas and concepts to learn.

Tutor other teachers

It’s important to be able to teach. But it’s just as important to know how to effectively work with other teachers.


If you’re looking to become a teacher or if you’re a student planning to become a teacher, I hope that you’ll take these ideas to heart. Whether you’re a first-time teacher, an experienced teacher, or a soon-to-be educator, hopefully, these ideas will help you become a more effective teacher. If you’re an experienced teacher, I hope that you’ll take these ideas to heart as well. While the fundamentals may never change, it never hurts to tweak the basics in order to improve the quality of the lessons that you teach.

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